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WoHo is changing how we design and construct our world.

World of WoHo

Make minds, hearts and hands meet. Woho is connecting the dots, realigning the efforts and agendas of cities, developers, contractors, designers, and users to transform the way we build our world.

The founding WoHo team brings design, development, and innovation experience together to transform how we build our world.

CEO Israel Ruiz spent over two decades moving ideas from MIT labs to fruition. He was instrumental in the rezoning of Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA), providing density and mixed-use development to accelerate the process. For two decades, President Debora Mesa and Executive Chairman Antón García-Abril have innovated the design, engineering and construction of buildings through their renowned architectural firm, Ensamble Studio.

My Home in the World is:

A space to see life through the lens of architecture.

Antón García-Abril
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

My home in the world is:

One where ideas gravitate, put to the test, matter beats, architecture speaks, pools can fly and landscape build. Family is big and present.

Débora Mesa
Co-Founder & President

My Home in the World is:

Where we find meaning to our lives.

Israel Ruiz
Co-Founder & CEO

My Home in the World is:

Where I find what makes me who I am.

Allen M. Marcum
Chief Operating Officer

My Home in the World is:

The place that guards my privacy and piece of mind.

Javier Cuesta
WoHo Lab Director

My home in the world is:

My family!

Borja Soriano
WoHo Product Director

My Home in the World is:

Is where the structures we build bring us together – connecting us, inspiring us to dream, and fostering diverse ideas across cultures and geographies.

Zak Kiritsy
Chief Development Officer

Our Story


Ruiz Joins MIT

Israel Ruiz joins MIT upon graduating its business school.



Garcia-Abril and Mesa design, develop and build Hemeroscopium House, reimagining prefabrication using precast concrete parts.


Social Housing

Garcia-Abril and Mesa conceive WoHo as a system to develop social housing projects using precast concrete technology.


Capital Planning
and Development

Ruiz oversees MIT’s $5.2B 2030 Capital Plan, including the construction or renewal of more than 2,000 residential units.



Garcia-Abril and Mesa continue researching about offsite technologies, shifting to lightweight components.


Garcia-Abril and Mesa join MIT & establish POPLab; meet Ruiz

Israel Ruiz leads the rezoning of 4.5M sq. ft. in Kendall Square to develop a mixed-use innovation and residential district; Garcia-Abril & Mesa join MIT,set up the POPLab (Prototypes of Prefabrication Laboratory) and meet Israel Ruiz.


Global Supply
Chain Testing

Garcia-Abril and Mesa design and manufacture Cyclopean House in Madrid and ship and assemble it in Brookline putting to practice their research on lightweight prefabrication, testing a global production supply chain, and setting a new ground for WoHo.


The Engine

Ruiz helps create and launch The Engine to accelerate the market impact of research in areas of science and technology.


Idea for WoHo

Garcia-Abril and Mesa build Ensamble Fabrica as WoHo Lab, to scale up their research and fabrication capabilities.



WoHo’s first product and system prototype is developed in Ensamble Fabrica.


WoHo Forms

SPRING While the COVID-19 pandemic alters the way the world lives, Ruiz, Garcia-Abril and Mesa combine experience, align visions and make WoHo a reality.

Launch of WoHo


The Engine funds WoHo and the company officially launches from lab to market.

The WoHo Name

Pronounced: WoHo (/w/ō/ – /h/ō/ )
Definition: World Home

As individuals, we all have a responsibility to our collective World Home. 

WoHo’s ambition is to evolve the art of designing and building, with the conviction that our small actions will have a big impact. We are dedicated to Architecture with capital A, increasing quality, resiliency and access while reducing waste and inefficiency. WoHo’s innovative systems are viable, scalable, responsive and available to reimagine how we make our homes, cities, neighborhoods and ultimately, the world. 

A better world demands that we reshape how we live.

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