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19 | 05 | 21

Antón García-Abril discusses “Modular Construction / Modular Real Estate” at the MITdesignX event “Design >> Fast-Forward

We can now build and utilize space in radically different ways. What are we seeing in terms of industry adoption and client expectation? How is the move to modular construction addressing fairness and equality in housing and labor, and how is access to homeownership changing?

08 | 04 | 21

Ready for some insight into the projects that Tough Tech companies, like WoHo, are invested in? Read The Engine’s 2019 & 2020 Report.

The Engine’s 2019 & 2020 Report is now published, presenting the progress its portfolio companies have made tackling climate change, developing breakthroughs for human health, and creating advanced systems and infrastructure. It also details the initiatives The Engine has created to help founders and the broader Tough Tech ecosystem thrive.

03 | 03 | 21

WoHo and Transsolar announce their collaboration to harmonize climate and comfort in building design and construction

The partnership will focus on sustainable design, achieving high environmental performance and comfort for WoHo’s products and projects.

23 | 11 | 20

An interview with Debora Mesa about the future plans of WoHo

Superb Crew: “We are currently fabricating at WoHo Lab a prototype building that we are planning to replicate in the Boston area in 2021. This will be a great way to get stakeholders familiarized with our system, the high levels of quality and the ease of assembly and inspection. Our plan is to select a […]

19 | 11 | 20

WoHo enlists the help of Arup’s off-site construction experts to pave the way for the delivery of buildings in the US

“At WoHo we are front-loading the building design and engineering process for architectural and environmental benefit. We are bringing the insight and knowledge of respected experts to collaborate with our in-house team assessing our products and crafting a successful path from factory to market.”

17 | 11 | 20

WoHo and ManufactOn partner to optimize the process of constructing buildings

In our efforts to carefully design and engineer both products and processes, we are excited to announce our partnership with  ManufactOn. Through the usage of their SaaS platform, we are looking forward to planning, tracking, and optimizing the construction and delivery processes of our buildings, achieving the highest levels of coordination and transparency.

16 | 11 | 20

Israel Ruiz presents WoHo at The Engine’s Tough Tech Summit 2020

WoHo’s pitch, presented by co-founder and CEO Israel Ruiz at The Engine’s 2020 Tough Tech Summit, can be now watched online. The event took place on October 27 and 28 of 2020 and brought together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, investors, and academics to discuss “the opportunities we face today, how we can better respond […]

23 | 10 | 20

Former MIT treasurer Israel Ruiz launches construction startup with $4.5M

The Business Journals BOSTINNO: “Software will not change our built environment,” said Israel Ruiz, co-founder of WoHo and former executive vice president and treasurer of MIT. “It will make it better—regulate temperatures better, help us transact houses and apartments in an easier way—but we’re still going to need the physical space to socialize, to gather […]

22 | 10 | 20

Creating beautiful, intelligent, and scalable building systems that raise the standards of low-to-high rise construction

The Engine features the story of WoHo, the newest company in their portfolio: Why is construction, a process both ubiquitous and ancient, still so fragmented and inefficient? Why is there such a gulf between innovation in building materials and the process by which these materials are assembled into functional structures? Why is it that most […]

22 | 10 | 20

WoHo wants to make constructing buildings fast, flexible and green with reusable “components”

TechCrunch: MIT’s former treasurer Israel Ruiz along with architects Anton Garcia-Abril of MIT and Debora Mesa of Georgia Tech have joined together on a startup called WoHo (short for “World Home”) that’s trying to rethink how to construct a modern building by creating more flexible “components” that can be connected together to create a structure.