Antón García-Abril discusses “Modular Construction / Modular Real Estate” at the MITdesignX event “Design >> Fast-Forward

Published on
January 20, 2022


We can now build and utilize space in radically different ways. What are we seeing in terms of industry adoption and client expectation? How is the move to modular construction addressing fairness and equality in housing and labor, and how is access to homeownership changing?

The two-day online symposium hosted conversations with innovators, visionaries and academics, from global firms to startups, who are “accelerating new systems and products for design, cities, and the human environment” in this second year of a pandemic that is challenging our rules and norms and does not have a clear end date.

On the first day of the event, Antón participated in a panel that focused on innovative solutions for building spaces and how the industry is adapting to them to respond to topics such as fairness and equality in housing and labor.

Check the full agenda and the live sessions here.