Follow a radically new architecture for intelligent, resilient building

How you build is as important as what you build.


Make universal, unique.
Intelligence and ingenuity is embedded in each WoHo component.

WoHo Systems are made up of a series of discrete foundational components which can be scaled and configured to span residential and commercial buildings such as multifamily housing, hotels, dormitories, labs and offices. These components are optimized for fabrication, transportation, assembly and operation. Our systems reinvent reinforced concrete technology and building performance, serving as competitive solutions for high-rise construction.


WoHo Suites are systems most fitting for small-to-medium scale buildings. They are made up of components that assemble into a structural grid, particularly suited for residential and other compatible retail, office or parking uses. With spans ranging from 16 to 20 ft, spaces within the grid can be connected or separated three-dimensionally based on specific project needs.


WoHo Towers are systems most fitting for big-scale, loft-type and high-rise buildings. They are made up of components that assemble to build open plan spaces, ideal for commercial, industrial, cultural, recreational or high-end residential uses. With spans ranging from 32 to 64 ft, these column-free spaces are designed with a shell and core concept in mind, and can be completed with a rich variety of fit-out works throughout the life of the building.


WoHo has engineered a proprietary Product Suite, made with prime materials and equipment that are made affordable by fine tuning the process of putting them together. Materials and systems are continuously tested and certified to meet best construction practice.


Our WoHo Production System is optimized to produce value with minimum waste. It is underpinned by a resilient industrial supply chain, increasingly digitized manufacturing processes and agile operations. Our off-site capabilities allow for safer construction environments and just-in-time delivery to project sites.


We produce off-site and assemble onsite to better serve our clients and cities, managing construction risks and offering delivery flexibility. Each component is encoded with smart tagging, enabling remote, digital access for any stakeholder throughout the process of construction and the life of the building.


WoHo designs are as innovative as they are functional. We collaborate with partners throughout the design process on configurations, layouts, accessories and finishes to best meet the needs and aspirations of WoHo users. Our highly adaptable Product Suite and Production System allow for projects to seamlessly scale from low-rise to high-rise.


WoHo believes in transparency. We have the experience, partner network, product and process to lead with conviction and provide predictable results. Our systems allow for integration among stakeholders for total alignment on timing and costs. Together, we are improving the standards, economics, and process of how we design, construct and live in the world.

How it Works

Construction and assembly of structures is complex and encumbered by high costs and inefficiencies. WoHo is applying advanced technology to architecture for a new way of designing and manufacturing affordable, sustainable, uncompromised living and working spaces.

Math that works

  • We are eliminating the creative, physical, environmental and financial barriers traditional construction imposes.
  • WoHo delivers state-of-the-art structures with dynamic manufacturing and achievable economics.

Built to last

  • We are refining design to focus on fundamental building components and materials in their purest forms to build for the long-term.
  • WoHo offers components with innate resilience and environmental responsiveness that adapt to the specifics of sites and programs.

Live well

  • WoHo is addressing what people value and expect from their environment to make beautiful, intelligent, and sustainable homes a reality.
  • WoHo is applying a novel approach to creating exceptional spaces people can proudly call home.

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